All about the Payroll Fee

Payrolling is a service that handles the entire hiring process and payroll for your employees. The following services are included in the fee:

  • Procurement of all necessary permits and visas (entry visa, work permit, residence permit, etc.).
  • Procurement of all necessary documents (extract from the police central register, debt collection register, etc.) .
  • Clarification and handling of the exchange of information from intergovernmental supervisory authorities. (Registration, deregistration with authorities in neighbouring countries)
  • Preparation and explanation of employment contracts.
  • Registration with all social insurances.
  • Monthly processing of working time recording and customer billing.
  • Preparation of monthly payroll and salary payments.
  • Handling of all administrative entry and exit formalities.
  • Annual settlement of all social insurances with the state authorities.
  • Provision of the annual payroll for the adviser’s tax return.

Who pays the fee? The fee is paid by the payrolling client. This can be the payroller or the company.

If the Payroller pays, then the fee is transparent in the deductions section of the monthly payslip.

The salary of the Payroll employee is not dependent on the invoice payment of the client.