What is Payroll Management?

What is Payroll Management? Payroll is an important document used by organizations and companies for day-to-day human resource management. It is a document that contains a list of all employees in a company who receive compensation for the work done or the services offered to the company. It gives an overview of the total payments […]

What is a pay slip?

What is a pay slip? The term “payroll” can refer to a company’s employees and information about them. It can also refer to the amount of money an employer pays to its employees. We use the term a lot when it comes to calculating wages and taxes. For example, an accountant might say to her […]

Introduction of payroll

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Pay Roll

What is payroll? Payroll is the function by which a company pays its employees.1 It includes the distribution of money in the form of checks and direct deposits. It also includes keeping records of these payments and paying taxes on behalf of those employees. Payroll is used at the end of the tax year to […]

Salary processing

Salary processing Relieve your wage and salary department with our wage and salary processing As payroll specialists, our payroll department can relieve you of some – if not all – of your payroll and human resources administration responsibilities. When you choose our payroll processing services, your business can only benefit. How your business can benefit […]


Payroll is the business process of paying employees. Payroll consists of calculating employee earnings and payroll taxes. The term payroll can also refer to the following: – A company’s financial records of its employees. – Distributing paychecks to employees. – Annual records of employee wages. Payroll can be a company’s largest expense. And the payroll […]

What exactly is payrolling?

What exactly is payrolling? Why do I need it? What exactly is payrolling? When most people think of the term “payrolling,” they mean outsourcing your company’s payroll. But what’s the other kind of payrolling – the kind that saves money, protects you from co-employment risks and gives your business more flexibility? At Acara, we define […]

A quick guide to choosing the right payroll solution

A quick guide to choosing the right payroll solution   Your payroll solution is critical to the wellbeing of your company and your employees. The right system provides an automated, accurate, and seamless experience that contributes to employee satisfaction, aids payroll efficiency, and provides actionable insights to stakeholders. What should you consider when choosing a […]


Freelancing & staff leasing: an ideal combination Congratulations, if you dared to dive into a freelancing working life. Now you can choose the projects you would like to work on yourself and become freely active in your field of interest. But with freelancing you also face certain challenges and difficulties. One of them is order […]


How Payroll can improve your freelance situation Anyone who works in the freelance sector knows how difficult it can be to find a job that corresponds to one’s own skills and competencies. It is not always easy to track down an employer who offers wages in line with collective bargaining agreements and fair working conditions, […]