Freelancing & staff leasing: an ideal combination

Congratulations, if you dared to dive into a freelancing working life. Now you can choose the projects you would like to work on yourself and become freely active in your field of interest. But with freelancing you also face certain challenges and difficulties. One of them is order acquisition, the success of which depends on economic and seasonal fluctuations. Therefore, you may want to consider the option of recruiting. We want to explain the reasons for this in the following article.

What is staff leasing and how can freelancing make it easier?

In the case of staff leasing, the employer, in most cases a recruitment company, sends its employees to a third-party company. This is looking for experts in a certain area of knowledge either for a one-off or a regularly repeating but not permanent project management. The employer takes on the recruiting, procurement of important documents and permits, contract and salary management as well as looking after the employee and customers.

For freelancers, this means access to a wide network of companies that are looking for skilled personnel like you. You do not have to worry about customer acquisition and contact, as this is done by the personnel leasing service provider.

What are the advantages of freelancing?

The most important advantage for you as a freelancer is that the salary negotiation is taken over by experts in the field of recruitment. Brine SA has 35 years of experience in recruiting and therefore knows exactly how to get through collective bargaining successfully.

In addition, many companies do not know what is required when hiring freelancers, which means that the administrative process often remains with the employee. Here, too, Brine SA comes into play and takes on all of the bureaucratic effort involved in getting started with the project.

In the meantime, you can fully concentrate on your work and further training in your specialist area. In addition, you do not have to worry about the legal questions of freelancing, because here, too, Brine SA is your competent contact. Let the experts advise you today.

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