Home Officefor Payroller

From 18 January, the new home office obligation will apply in Switzerland. For many professionals, this will not change their daily routine, as they already work from home anyway. Payrollers who like to be in close contact with the client now fear that their professional attitude towards the client could become invisible. But payrollers can also impress their customers at a distance: Create the perfect remote payroller office on- and offline.

Online TODO’s:

  • Impress with organisation and the latest apps. Is your client not yet home-office ready or is there still potential? Then show him how you can be especially productive with your tools in a chat.
  • Update your photo in all tools. It should be professional, authentic and consistent across all apps.

Offline TODO’s:

  • Keep your office and especially the background tidy and clean at all times.
  • Place plants in the background.
  • Before meetings, check your position in front of the camera, maybe adjust your chair to the right height. Or use a stool for meetings and the office chair for normal work.
  • Check your make-up and collar before every meeting.
  • Work at a standing table in between meetings. This will make your posture look better when you are sitting in the meeting.
  • Close the door


Write to the BRINE SA Payrolling Team if you need help. We are there for our payrollers personally!