Payroll is a concept of recruitment that more and more companies find particularly attractive. The word comes from English and loosely translated means “payroll”. It describes the assumed connection of an employee with a company, as that person is on the payroll. With Brine’s Payroll System, however, this link is loosened to the benefit of both parties. We would like to explain how this works here.

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With Payroll, an employee is contractually hired, paid and managed by a service provider, in this case Brine Payroll. However, recruitment takes place through the employer, ensuring that the quality of expertise and skills required for a particular job are in place. The service provider handles the contract work, the administrative processes for social security, obtaining permits and visas, and salary and payroll management. This ensures that all administration is handled by experts and is based on legal principles.

Who is Payroll interesting for?

This is particularly interesting for companies and businesses that are subject to seasonal fluctuations or process project-related orders. Often, employees are only needed for limited periods of time and cannot be employed on a permanent basis. Repeating this process again and again when a new wave of workload begins is tedious and, above all, costly and time-consuming. Mainly medium-sized companies cannot afford to have their own HR department that can handle the administrative work professionally. In addition, there are insurances and legal coverage. However, you also don’t want to compromise on qualifications and competence.

With Brine Payroll, these worries are taken away from you and you can concentrate on your core business at any point in your entrepreneurial trading. Settlement with the service provider takes place either at the end of the month, year or at the end of a project. There are no hidden costs, but fast and effective work when employees join or leave your company. Book a free consultation today!

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