Why is payrolling so interesting for women? Because women are flexible, or often have to be, because life demands it of them. This flexibility, whether innate or forced, has many advantages. Combined with the right working relationship, it has 100% advantages. And this applies equally to entrepreneurs who want to hire and jobseekers who want to be hired. BRINE SA is a reliable payrolling partner for freelancers in particularly flexible work situations. For example, if they work on a project-related or seasonal basis. Or if they have an unstable workload. In such situations, payrolling is the right choice.


For companies that need such particularly flexible employees, payrolling by BRINE SA is also the best choice. We offer you a complete service package around sourcing, onboarding and offboarding, payroll, consulting and coaching. Your employees are legally protected with full flexibility.


Why are we writing an article with the title “Women by women”, isn’t that provocative? Not at all. That would not be our intention. BRINE SA is a company run by women. We cannot deny that every day we feel the power of women in our core team, who make our daily work easier, entirely at the service of our clients. In return, we also feel how all employees and payrollers are treated and how they are supported. People are in the foreground. Regardless of nationality, origin or gender, everyone has been treated equally for 20 years.