Our payrolling fee is adapted to each individual situation. We assure you that when it comes to payrolling, BRINE SA is the cheapest provider on the market. Compare our individual offer with the payrolling conditions of our competitors.


In addition to the small fee, our payrollers enjoy professional advice on all aspects of salary optimisation, insurance and pension provision. This advice is free of charge. Our team obtains quotes from all insurance companies in various sectors and advises our employees on their choice. Read more about this on the list of benefits (LINK) https://brine.ch/de/benefits/

Payrollers are treated as our own employees at BRINE SA. Like internal employees, we see our payrollers as our assets and want them to be satisfied. BRINE SA succeeds in creating a win-win situation. Do you know of any other payroll company that offers equivalent benefits for all employees? Tell us and we will expand our offer. We will prepare your personal offer via our salary simulation (LINK) https://brinepayroll.ch/#

BRINE SA Payrolling – We care about wages.