How to find the best staff for your project management

If your company lives on temporary projects, you surely know the problem of finding the right staff for project management. Competent employees who professionally plan, prepare, implement, approve and post-process a project are a rarity and difficult to find. It takes time and human resource expertise to master the Herculean task.

The solution: Personnel leasing for your project management

Nevertheless, there is enough help on the market for this. Personnel service providers can not only take over the recruitment, but also advice, support and administration for you. The bureaucratic effort associated with the entry and exit of competent freelance personnel for project management is completely covered by the service provider. When you use such a service, you can enjoy financial benefits in addition to time-related benefits. Since the recruitment agency also takes over the salary administration, contract management, insurance and the legal protection of the employee who is to be hired for project management, you save costs for HR departments and lawyers.

What should you look out for in recruiting?

Especially in the IT and financial sector or the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for certain products fluctuates strongly, which means that temporary employment relationships are decisive for the success of a company. However, competence, specialist knowledge, expertise and training are also important in order to guarantee a promising project management. Therefore, when choosing a recruiter, you should rely on experience and quality.

Brine SA: The expert in freelance personnel leasing & payroll for your project management

Brine SA has been helping Swiss companies to find specialists for temporary project management for 35 years. Through experience, customer orientation, a tried and tested process and a wide network of experts, we always find the most suitable candidates for staffing your project. After the placement, we use our payroll system to largely relieve you of the contractual and salary matters. We can also help you obtain official documents or visas. In addition, we look after each company and the candidates from the beginning to the end of the project management, so that we can ensure that the tasks are carried out satisfactorily. Get a no-obligation quote from Brine SA today.

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