How professional recruitment can give your projects a boost


If you run a company that is subject to seasonal and economic fluctuations, you know for sure what it means to face the challenges of project management. On the one hand, the order situation is uncertain, on the other hand, it is particularly difficult to find temporary staff who can carry out the tasks professionally and competently. A recruitment service provider can help here. In the following we want to explain how this works and what advantages can arise from recruitment.


Recruiting by the experts: this is how it works!


In recruitment, an employee, in most cases a freelancer, is recruited by an agency and posted to an employer. The service provider represents the interface between the specialist and the customer. The company expresses the requirements for a potential project manager, with which the service provider starts looking for suitable candidates. The wide network of an established agency, which consists of specialists at home and abroad, plays an important role. The expertise of the workforce can only be ensured through professional recruitment.


Some service providers also offer the service of personnel leasing. In this case, the service provider acts as an employer and hires a candidate to a client company. This offers the company more flexibility and independence, while the freelancer offers more security and stability.


Recruitment plus payroll


Some service providers on the market also offer the payroll concept in addition to recruitment. In this way, the agency takes on all of the employer’s administrative tasks that arise when hiring new staff. This also includes contract and salary management. However, the company has sufficient leverage over the recruitment process to ensure that the candidate meets the requirements of project management.


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