The great advantages of payrolling with BRINE SA

Payrolling with BRINE SA is COST-EFFECTIVE

Any company that wants to offset costs while bringing in specialised labour should pursue payrolling as an option.Full-time employees cost more simply because of the administrative overhead. BRINE SA negotiates the best and most cost-effective price for its administrative services for each client individually. Get a quote from a competitor and see for yourself that BRINE SA remains the most cost-effective provider on the Swiss market.

Payrolling with BRINE SA is FAST

Projects are often time-critical, and the administrative delay in onboarding an employee can cost you time and thus money. The cooperation with BRINE SA as a payrolling provider relieves you of these processes completely and you can invest your time in your core business. We take over the processes, your employees start immediately unhindered in their projects.

Payrolling with BRINE SA is EFFICIENT

BRINE SA is a specialised Payrolling provider. We have years of experience with HR processes and optimise the processing on a daily basis. Among other things, we focus on onboarding, offboarding, contracting and compliance with the legislator. Optimal internal workflows lead to high efficiency for us and for YOU