It is often not easy to find jobs as a freelancer. In addition, there are the problems with salary processing and the bureaucratic process that comes with each new project. This takes up a lot of time, during which you cannot concentrate on your actual work and qualification. Payroll can remedy this situation! With this new type of personnel service, you and your employer are drastically relieved.

How Payroll works

Here’s how it works: instead of being hired by a company, you will be hired by Brine Payroll and experience professional human resources management run by an experienced team of experts. Whether it’s creating contracts, acquiring insurance, obtaining documents, permits or even visas, the service provider handles every aspect of HR management. Even salary administration and payment is taken care of by Brine Payroll. However, to guarantee that you can really do justice to the vacant position, recruitment takes place directly through the company. In this way, both sides can ensure that a qualified and fair working relationship is given.

The biggest advantage for freelancers with Payroll is salary optimisation. Brine Payroll takes care of the salary negotiation and pays according to the pay scale. Before you sign a contract with us, you will receive a simulated, optimised payroll with individual support. Furthermore, as a professional service provider, we attach great importance to transparency and conformity with the law. The monthly payslips are explained down to the last detail and if there are any changes in the labour law, we are the first to know.

Payroll for medium-sized companies

Many medium-sized companies have no experience in human resources or cannot afford their own HR department. Therefore, seasonal and project-based freelancers often have to do the administrative work themselves or wait a long time for their contract or payment. Thanks to Payroll, these are all problems of the past. We offer fast and efficient processing when entering and leaving a new assignment, project or job. Let us advise you free of charge today! And in the future, you’d better focus on what you do best while getting paid fairly and well.

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