Managed Payroll focuses specifically on the breadth of services and responsibilities normally provided by an in-house payroll department. These are payroll and payroll administration: in addition to compliance and software maintenance, daily payroll tasks include data entry/auditing, balancing, remitting taxes, employee/manager issues, managing garnishments and meeting deadlines.Payroll and payroll administration requires the team to have in-depth expertise as well as a thorough knowledge of the process. In addition, the administrators must be familiar with the current legal situation in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. The administration of cross-border commuters requires additional time and expertise.

In order to cope with these tasks, highly trained HR staff and a lot of time are needed. More and more Swiss companies are therefore outsourcing their payroll processing to external providers such as BRINE SA. As a payroll company, we then take over the entire payroll processing. Among other things, we take care of

A ManagedPayroll contract is concluded when a company wishes to hire external employees quickly and easily via BRINE SA.

The ManagedPayroll contract is agreed between the company that wishes to hire employees and the payrolling provider BRINE SA. The hired employees are the subject of the contract. The hired employee receives an employment contract with the payrolling provider, BRINE SA.


The ManagedPayroll contract is usually for a fixed term and can be renewed without further ado. Important features of the ManagesPayroll contract are the following items: