When is payrolling the perfect solution?

Re-employment of employees. If your company has had to lay off employees in the past due to business downturns, or if employees are on leave or retired but you now want to re-deploy them, you can easily do so via BRINE SA’s payrolling. It allows you to expand your talent base without the full cost of staffing.

Downsizing Compliance. If your company needs to make full-time staff reductions and comply with the company’s hiring freeze, a payrolling partnership can help you retain trained, proven employees. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with talent you may want to bring back into your team if needed.

Short-term hiring waves. If your company doesn’t want to invest time in onboarding and offboarding a group of short-term employees, such as summer interns or production ramps, a payrolling solution could work for you. As an added benefit, you can evaluate this talent before making direct hire offers when staffing needs are high.

Bypassing hiring costs. If your company wants to avoid all the administrative costs of hiring employees, including benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment costs, you should turn to a payrolling partner. You also reduce the legal risk of co-employment through the EOR agreement.