Do you have to deal with seasonal fluctuations in orders? Is your work mainly divided by projects and you cannot guarantee your employees permanent hires? Have you had bad experiences with temporary companies and would like better quality standards in staff selection? Then you might want to consider Payroll. This new system of personnel management with an external service provider has numerous advantages and could save you a lot of money and time. But how? Read everything you need to know about Payroll here.

Payroll makes room for more important things.

Payroll allows employees, freelancers and businesses to focus on what they are best at: driving core business and ensuring business growth. This is made possible by the fact that the Payroll personnel service provider takes care of all matters relating to wages and employment contracts. Whether it’s contracting, social security, legal cover, permits, visas, salary administration and payroll management, with Payroll all of this is taken care of by an external expert.

The advantage of Payroll for the company is that it reduces the time and costs involved in recruiting and terminating staff. In addition, seasonal fluctuations can be adjusted better and faster. Recruitment of staff still takes place internally, guaranteeing that the qualifications needed for a particular task are in place.

Payroll – reducing the time spent

For freelancers, the advantage also lies in the reduction of time spent on payroll and contract management. In addition, thanks to years of experience and extensive industry knowledge, the payroll service provider can optimise your salary in a way that often aligns the cost of service.

Brine Payroll knows that every company or employee situation is different and therefore adjusts the fees individually. Thanks to a prior salary simulation, you know in advance exactly what to expect at the end of the month. The salary sheets are designed transparently and explained in detail. And all this takes place without any hidden costs!

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