Anyone who works in the freelance sector knows how difficult it can be to find a job that matches one’s skills and competences. Tracking down an employer who offers pay in line with collective agreements and fair working conditions, even for self-employed temporary workers, is not always easy. In addition, there is the bureaucratic burden that prevents you from concentrating on your core tasks as well as your qualification. Staff Hire with Payroll salary management can help you find the right projects on a regular basis while minimising the time and money spent on administrative tasks. How? That’s what we want to explain in the following article.

The solution: Project Management with Payroll through a recruitment agency

Instead of trying to find jobs yourself, you can use the services of a staffing agency. You conclude the work or service contract with the service provider who places you with the assignment company. The agency provides professional support for the skilled candidate and the assignment company throughout the entire process of recruitment, contract negotiation, hiring, assignment completion and exit. These tasks also include salary management, which is covered by Payroll. You will not be paid directly by the assignment company, but by the employer, i.e. the staffing company, on a regular and transparent basis.

Advantages of Payroll for Freelancers

The decisive advantage of Payroll for freelance specialists is salary optimisation. With years of experience in the field of recruitment as well as sufficient legal expertise, a recruitment agency such as Brine SA can successfully guide you through the pay negotiations. Before you enter into a contractual relationship, a salary simulation will show you how you can be paid in the long term.

You also reduce your administrative tasks related to job search, contract preparation and billing. This is all taken care of by Brine SA. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about legal compliance as the payroll provider is on a firm legal footing. Contact Brine SA today for advice on your freelance situation.

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