How are payrollers remunerated?

Hourly wage, daily rate, monthly wage or project fee? Payrollers who are employed by BRINE SA can generally be paid according to all the models mentioned. The most common form of payrolling is the hourly wage or daily rate.

Pay attention to the daily rate: the length of a working day must be agreed between the payroller and the company. This value is between 8 and 8.4 hours, depending on whether 40, 41 or 42 hours are worked per week.

Payroll is settled monthly at the end of the month using a time sheet validated by the client (company). The pay is paid to the payroller as soon as possible after receipt of the timesheet between the 3rd and 14th calendar day of the following month, irrespective of the client’s payment to Brine SA.

BRINE SA has basic contracts for each model and advises companies as well as payrollers which contract form is best suited.