Why personnel leasing can be useful for your project


It is often not clear to many companies what exactly is meant by staff leasing and why it can be advantageous for temporary project management. Employers continue to invest in internal HR departments that have to cover everything themselves, from accreditation to contract and salary management and legal protection of employees. However, if the supply situation is limited in time, this leads to a high financial outlay. The cost-benefit ratio is rarely justified. This is where personnel leasing can bring advantages for your company.

What is staff leasing & how can it help in project management?

With personnel leasing, the service provider becomes an employer who provides your company with an experienced candidate for a temporary project. The advantage is that the service provider takes care of the entire process of personnel management. It starts with the recruitment, whereby a well-founded network of specialists at home and abroad is helpful. Furthermore, other mandatory bureaucratic tasks are taken on before the freelancer is deployed, such as the procurement of documents, permits and insurance. The employment contract is drawn up between the service provider and the candidate, while the agency also draws up a contract with the host company. Salary management is often covered by payroll.


Find competent freelance workers through competent personnel recruitment


Companies in the IT and financial sector, pharmaceuticals and construction or hospitality industries in particular are subject to seasonal and economic fluctuations in their work assignments. Permanent employment is not possible without financial losses, but the regular recruitment of staff and the associated effort are also a hindrance to efficient project management. Personnel leasing not only makes the process easier, but also allows you to hire the most competent freelance personnel for each specific project.


Brine SA has 35 years of experience in the field of personnel leasing and an extensive network of specialists and skilled workers in Switzerland and abroad. If you are interested in outsourcing the management of your next project, get a quote today.

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