The word payroll comes from the English language and means salary or payroll. In the traditional sense, someone is “on payroll” when they are employed and paid by a company. This includes non-wage costs such as social security or health insurance. The employee is under contract directly with the employer.

Advantages with Payroll

With Brine Payroll, a competent service provider steps in to minimise the administrative burden on the company and reduce the costs associated with staffing. Imagine, for example, a hotel or construction business that is subject to seasonal fluctuations or a varying order book. For such a business, it is difficult to retain staff on a permanent basis or expensive to do so because of the recurring costs associated with regular recruitment. With Payroll, the employer gets the chance to keep control over the qualification of the employees by recruiting them internally, while the administrative work is completely outsourced. Payroll is settled at the end of the month, year or at project completion, whichever the client prefers.

Payroll takes care of a lot!

Brine Payroll takes care of the preparation of the employment contract, registration of all social insurances, procurement of documents, permits and visas, salary administration and payroll management. This reduces the time spent by the company, which can now devote itself fully to its core business. Small and medium-sized companies in particular often struggle with the extensive bureaucracy that comes with regular new hires.

Brine Payroll acts quickly, effectively and inexpensively. You select a new employee and we handle the entire onboarding process within 24 hours. There are also numerous advantages for employees. Above all, the salary optimisation and the transparency in the preparation of contracts and payroll are worth entering into a Payroll employment relationship. Due to years of experience in the human resources sector, our team can also guarantee that all current legal requirements are always observed. Not every company can say that about direct employment.

So focus on your business while we take care of your employees. Brine Payroll is guaranteed to be the best and most cost-effective provider on the Swiss market.

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