How Payroll can improve your freelance situation

Anyone who works in the freelance sector knows how difficult it can be to find a job that corresponds to one’s own skills and competencies. It is not always easy to track down an employer who offers wages in line with collective bargaining agreements and fair working conditions, also for self-employed temporary workers. In addition, there is the bureaucratic effort that prevents you from concentrating on your core tasks and your qualifications. Personnel leasing with Payroll Salary Management can help you to find the right projects on a regular basis while minimizing the time and costs involved in administrative tasks. How? We want to explain that in the following article.

The solution: project management with payroll through a recruiter

Instead of trying to get jobs yourself, you can use the services of a staffing agency. You conclude the employment or service contract with the service provider who mediates you with the deployment company. During the entire process of recruiting, contract negotiation, hiring, order processing and leaving the agency, the agency offers professional support for the competent candidate and the host company. These tasks also include salary management, which is covered by Payroll. You will not be paid regularly and transparently by the employer directly, but by the employer, i.e. the personnel leasing company.

Benefits of Payroll for Freelancers

The decisive advantage of Payroll for specialists in the freelance area is the salary optimization. With years of experience in the field of recruitment and sufficient legal expertise, a recruitment agency like Brine SA can guide you successfully through collective bargaining. Before entering into a contractual relationship, a salary simulation is used to calculate how you can be remunerated in the long term.

In addition, you reduce your administrative tasks associated with searching for orders, drawing up contracts and billing. Brine SA will take care of all of this. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about compliance with the legislature, as the payroll provider is based on a solid, legally appropriate foundation. Contact Brine SA today for advice on your freelance situation.

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