What Is Payrolling? The Unspoken Advantages!

What Is Payrolling

When most people think of the word payrolling, they refer to the payment of wages. But there are still many labor-intensive processes associated with payroll. Following all regulations is essential to avoid costly mistakes.


BRINE PAYROLL is your partner for uncomplicated, individually tailored payrolling in Switzerland. We can handle your company’s payroll accounting, keeping it 100% legally secure and more efficiently than you could do it in-house. Concentrate on your core business and save on personnel costs simultaneously.  

What Is Payrolling

Benefits of HR payrolling services :

  • Efficiency in day-to-day operations

As companies look to make their organizations leaner and more efficient, many HR managers and leaders are forced to take on additional responsibilities in their day-to-day work. Performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks to process payroll and grapple with employment law properly is not the best use of these critical resources. Working with a payroll specialist can free up your important resources to focus more strategically on pressing business issues.

  • Simplified onboarding

We all know that projects are often time-sensitive. Valuable time can be lost due to administrative delays in onboarding employees. By hiring a payroll provider, your company can eliminate the onboarding process and streamline the workflow. With a payroll provider, you can hand over all administrative processes, and your new employees can start work immediately.

Financial advantages of payrolling services :

  • cost-effectiveness

Everything in business has a cost. As any CFO knows, full-time employees are one of the biggest expense items. Benefits – Social security and pension funds are added to wages and can increase base pay by 18% to 20%. Trained HR employees are expensive; Your company can save considerable money outsourcing the HR processes to a payrolling specialist.

  • insurance costs

Payrolling service providers have a larger volume and therefore have better conditions with insurance companies than small and medium-sized companies. Payroll providers are happy to pass on the cost savings to their customers!

Legal certainty with payrolling services

Compliance with labor law regulations is essential. If you work with freelancers and don’t comply with all legal regulations, this can go well for a few years. But an audit may result in large repayments. By using a licensed payroll provider, freelancers, and companies are legally secure from day one!

  • trial period

A payrolling service allows you to test your resources with short-term contracts. This allows you to review the quality of the work and determine the value this person brings to your organization. Finally, does this person fit your company’s mission, vision, and culture? If not, you can cancel.

Summary of the advantages of outsourcing the payrolling processes

Although payroll services have been around for many years, BRINE SA has been around for 35 years, and only a few companies in Switzerland know the advantages of outsourcing payroll processes.

  • Your most important in-house resources can be diverted to your organization’s most profitable activities

  • Your administrative needs will be dealt with professionally and more cost-effectively

  • You will have more flexibility with your daily needs.

  • Administration costs are saved.

  • The payroll service provider assumes the employer’s responsibility, including all regulatory requirements such as workers’ compensation insurance, social security benefits, and tax deductions.

  • Payrolling services allow companies and freelancers equal flexibility with maximum security and legal compliance.

BRINE PAYROLL can also stand by you as an employment agent, with its large network of specialists and large companies, and brings freelancers and employers together.

How the payrolling service works:

  • The payrolling service provider serves as a registered employer. This means that the responsibility for employees as an employer lies with the payrolling service provider. The payrolling service provider handles the registration and deregistration of social benefits, etc.

  • The payrolling service provider collects and pays all payroll and employer taxes and benefits.

  • As a registered employer, the payroll service provider offers its payroll recipients affordable health insurance, BVG plans, flexible spending, and other benefits.

  • Payrolling service providers often recruit and place qualified specialists.

  • As a company, you only have to pay one bill. Otherwise, you have nothing to do with the whole wage payment and processing system.

  • As a freelancer, all you have to do is perform the necessary work and collect the wages.

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