Payroll is a new form of outsourcing personnel matters. In contrast to temporary companies, with Payroll the entrepreneur selects his employees himself, while the employment relationship is taken over by the service provider. With this concept come many advantages for the company. Here we would like to elaborate on some of them.

Flexibility of Payroll

Most employers who opt for Payroll are looking for a flexible workforce. Businesses in IT or hospitality or agriculture are subject to seasonal or project-based fluctuations and need either more or fewer workers at different times. Managing the administrative burden of staff joining and leaving at any given time is cumbersome. Then there are the associated costs, including insurance and legal protection. However, you don’t want to outsource recruitment completely, as you need to ensure that staff meet internal quality criteria.

Brine Payroll takes care of salary administration and contract management, working quickly and effectively. Professional and experienced, we offer both employer and staff friendly expert service in the field of recruitment.

Through collective bargaining agreements on the part of the payroll service provider, employers save on labour costs. Furthermore, the time spent on personnel matters is drastically minimised. No more contract negotiations, no more research into legal documents and, above all, no more payroll chaos – Brine Payroll takes care of all that for you.

Personnel management and payroll

In addition, this form of personnel management brings the advantage of being able to evaluate employees first without obligation before you possibly take them on in an internal full-time relationship. An additional plus is the fast processing. Would you like to hire a new qualified employee within a short period of time, but do not have the capacity for the bureaucratic process? Brine Payroll handles the entire onboarding process in 24 hours.

Best of all, if you’re interested in the Payroll concept but don’t yet know if it’s really right for you and your business, you can get a free consultation on the subject from us today.

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